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About us

Cabana is a digital experience studio. We are specialists in marketing automation and commitment flows. Since 2002 we have made it our mission to provide personalized, digital customer experiences with measurable results.

We believe that collaboration and dialogue regarding your solution creates the best result. Therefore, our approach to projects, both large and small, is that they must be created in cooperation with you. We can help you define and refine your business goals and are happy to step in in all phases – from analysis and strategy to implementation and hosting.

Our door is always open and we always have time to hear about your next project.

Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 24
1434 København K

  • Consultancy
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  • UX
  • Experience
  • Development
  • Measurability
  • Project management

Tel: +45 33 110 310
Mail: hello@cabana.dk

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Mail: support@cabana.dk

Thomas Vorgaard


tvo@cabana.dk +45 4081 9594

Angel Kirkegaard


aki@cabana.dk +45 3149 1272

Martin Beuschau


mbe@cabana.dk +45 31 310 006

Jesper Lærkesen

Client Manager

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